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About Casey

Hey y’all! I’m so happy to introduce myself to you! My name is Casey, I am the owner and lead photographer for Boot and Daisy. I have called the Catskill Mountains home my entire life, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful place to grow up! I am so lucky to have been able to hike to the tops of our high peaks and view what a true landscape image is meant to be; as well as understand what it takes to capture its beauty. I know what it means to say “a picture can’t do this scene justice!” and that has fueled my passion to give every photo I take justice.

As I grew up I was not only given the opportunity to explore my surroundings and appreciate all of the beauty these mountains have to offer; I played sports and remember how awesome it was to see a photograph of yourself giving the game your all in the local news paper! Photographs were always more than just a picture to me, they were something that could tell you the emotion of the story. They could give further meaning than a caption could. It has always been exciting to look into a photograph and be in that moment and know what it was, or could feel like, maybe even know what the smell could have been like. This inspired me to just wanted to capture my memories with that much passion.

The first photograph that really took me to an emotional place was one of my step father and I. It was on the gate for a motocross race. In the photo I am sitting on my dirt bike (motorcycle) and I am waiting for the moment to start preparing to race! Racing in any motorsport has loud noises, excitement, and is packed with adrenaline; that photograph does not capture that aspect of what I was doing. I look relaxed, and I am smiling, you can see that through my helmet! My Step Father is happy too, even though he knows the dangers of racing. You can truly read that we have a great relationship, he is my mechanic, my encouragement, and all of that is built on love. That photograph is the best one I have from my ten, plus years of racing. And every time I see it, I can feel the “fist bump” we always did for good luck, and I can hear us say “I love you!” before revving my motor. Back then you always checked the websites for the best action shot, where you not only looked good but you looked fast in a still image. However after seeing this photograph of us, I knew that there was something more to being on the other side of that camera lens. There was emotion there too, and there was a desire to harness all that the moment had to offer, not just for yourself but for others as well.

I am so lucky to understand the reasoning behind why I want to take your moments and grasp every aspect of them for you! From the emotion you have, to the surroundings you are in I am here to capture it and return it to you. I can’t wait to meet you!